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LRM Server Network Requirements

LRM Server Network Requirements

The following ports need to be open on the VLAN where the LRM product will be installed for the device’s normal operations:

TCP 80 & 554Internal/VLANInternal/VLANVideo data for processing
TCP 443Outboundapi.livereachmedia.comConfig/Metrics
TCP/UDP 443Outboundwg.livereachmedia.comDevice Health/Heartbeat
TCP (US Customers), (EU Customers)Sensor Data
UDP 54Outbound8.8.8.8,
TCP/UDP 123Outbound*.pool.ntp.orgNTP
TCP Learning Models
TCP/UDP, region2.argotunnel.comSoftware Updates
TCP 443Outboundapi.cloudflare.comSoftware Updates
TCP 80 &, a.relay.metered.caLive Streaming / WebRTC
TCP, Streaming / WebRTC

Updated on: 27/03/2024

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