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NVR Static IP Configuration

Skip this step if Static IP is not required for your server. This process will require a USB Flash Drive.

Configuring your NVR with the proper credentials can be done by downloading a configuration file to a USB Flash Drive and plugging the flash drive into the NVR while it is powered on.

Log in the LiveReach AI app and navigate to the Configuration section of the dashboard.
Select the Servers tab.
Select the Pencil icon on the NVR you wish to configure.
Select the Network Configuration tab.
In the Interface drop down select enp5s0 (Pick the interface you want to set Static IP on)
Disable the DHCP checkbox and Enable the Internet Access checkbox
Enter the Addresses & Subnet Mask you wish to use including the Gateway and DNS Servers to be used. If you do not know your DNS servers, you can use or
Press and save the file to the Flash Drive
Eject the Flash Drive and Plug the Flash Drive into any of the NVR’s open USB ports.
Wait a couple of seconds before removing the flash drive.
The NVR should be configured with the appropriate static IP.

Updated on: 04/04/2024

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