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LRM Server Network Troubleshooting

LRM 2U Server Troubleshooting

Use this guide if the LRM server fails to get connected to a network or if the static IP configuration is bad.

The LRM 2U Server has 2 ethernet ports. For normal operations, the RJ45 patch cable should be connected to Port 1.

2U Server Ports

If the static IP configuration is wrong or the server fails to connect to a network using static IP, then follow the steps below:

Unplug the ethernet cable from Port 1.
Remove the cover from Port 2.
Port 2 has been configured to fetch addresses from a DHCP network. If there is a VLAN issuing DHCP addresses in your network, then:
Configure the port on the Switch to the DHCP VLAN.
Connect the ethernet cable to Port 2 on the server.
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If there is no DHCP VLAN on your network then you can use the optionally included LTE Router to do the same:
Plug in the LTE router. Wait 5 mins (or until all 3 lights are lit up on the LTE Router)
Connect an ethernet cable to the LAN port of the LTE Router.
Connect the other end of the ethernet cable into Port 2 of the server.
Ensure no cable is plugged in to Port 1 of the server.
Reboot the server by unplugging the power cable, waiting 15s and then plugging the cable back in.

The server should now come online and connect to internet using the DHCP network. LiveReach should be able to now remotely update the network configurations of the server to fix any issues in the static IP configuration.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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