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Resetting LiveReach Cameras to DHCP

This Guide will help you reset LiveReach Cameras to DHCP which have been identified as offline in LiveReach App after changing your local network / cameras which were reset to factory settings.

Note: This Guide can only be applied to cameras provided by LiveReach.

Problem Scenario

The cameras are working until the local network change.
Then, the cameras were shown as offline after local network change such as topology changes, Switch/Router changes, subnet restructuring, VLAN Changes, network segment reset etc.
If the camera is on static IP address during the local network change, it will most likely be unreachable because of misconfigured network settings.
In this case, resetting the cameras back to DHCP will bring them back online.

Please make sure to notify LiveReach Support before making any changes to your local network configurations, Topology involving LiveReach Server & Cameras.

Resetting Cameras to DHCP

Make sure that your cameras and the your machine are in same network.
Go to the Search Tool Download Page and download appropriate file (Search Tool) which suits your operating system (Windows / Mac).
Double click on the installer and follow the instructions in the installer window.
Launch SearchTool

SearchTool Home

Search Tool Home will be same as above screen. Select DeviceType: All and click on refresh. You should be able to see cameras

Search for IP Cameras

Click on IP Address cell on table to sort by IP Address. If some of your cameras are on different network settings, you should be able to isolate them by sorting the IP Address.
Cameras which were reset to factory settings will have IP address . In such cases, make sure to select such cameras and proceed.
Select All of the cameras which needs to be set on DHCP.

Select cameras to reset to DHCP

If the login credentials of your cameras is not same, then you can select only cameras with same login credentials in each batch.

You can even double check the cameras which are not on DHCP by scrolling right and checking DHCP Enable in the Table. If the value is Close then, the camera is on static IP.
On the right hand section, select Network param from the dropdown.
Enable DHCP check box at the bottom

Set Cameras to DHCP

Enter Username and Password of the cameras.

Note: Please reach out to LiveReach Support via In-App Chat in case if you are not sure about the credentials of the cameras.

Click on Batch Modify.
If modification is successful, you will see below message

Cameras : Batch Modification

Click Refresh again on the top. You should be able to see modified camera network configuration from the DHCP.

In case if you get a Modify Failure when trying to update to DHCP, Follow this method.

Select the cameras again
In network param section, Update these values:
IP Address: Specify the starting IP address of which cameras to be assigned of, any address in your subnet other than default gateway and reserved addresses. ex: (here dhcp request is made from the the specified start range)
Default Gateway: Enter Default Gateway Address ex:
Subnet Mask: Enter the subnet mask in this field. ex:

Set Cameras to DHCP

Enable DHCP Checkbox
Enter camera credentials for the batch
Click on batch Modify.

Note down the IP address after this change based on the Serial Numbers / MAC Address of the cameras you selected earlier. You can follow below guide to add camera to your LiveReach App.

Do not delete these cameras in Livereach Account which were offline. Deletion adds a risk of historical recording loss. Make sure to reach out to Livereach Support after resetting the cameras to DHCP.

After this, if the cameras are on same network as LiveReach NVR, you can be able to see the cameras in the scan at LiveReach App.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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