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Troubleshooting Camera Issues

Troubleshooting Camera Issues

Ensure the power outlet is functional. Connect another device to the same outlet to verify its operability. This Guide will provide initial troubleshooting steps for certain camera issues on field.

Mandatory Camera Setup Checks

When troubleshooting IP camera issues, certain checks are fundamental to ensure proper functioning. Perform these mandatory checks to address common problems efficiently.

Camera is not visible in LiveReach Scan

Make sure to do the mandatory checks mentioned above before proceeding to next steps.
Make sure that Cameras and LRM Server are in same network. Be sure to follow Recommended Network Topology
If you know the IP address of the camera then, try opening it in a web browser and check if there is a camera login page.
If its a camera provided by LiveReach, then make sure its in same network as LiveReach Server.
Check firewall settings to ensure that they are not blocking the RTSP connection.
If the camera is on a different subnet, ensure that routing and firewall rules allow communication. Follow LRM Server Network Requirements when setting up server and cameras.
Verify that the subnet masks on both the LiveReach AI server and the camera are correctly configured. Mismatched subnet masks can prevent proper communication.
Ensure that the firewall is configured to allow traffic on the RTSP ports used by your cameras. The default RTSP port is 554, but this can vary. Check your camera documentation for the specific port.

Unable to add camera to LiveReach App

If you are trying to add a camera and you get an error like below,

onvif transport error: Authorization failed: Unauthorized - This error is because of incorrect camera login credentials entered in the application. This kind of error will not be seen when adding cameras provided by LiveReach.

onvif transport error: Authorization failed: Unauthorized Error

Make sure to do the Mandatory Camera Checks mentioned above before proceeding to next steps.
Double check the camera credentials entered when adding a camera to the application

If you get this error for LiveReach AI Camera, then you can find the correct password for the cameras in the Onboarding email that you receive from LiveReach Support with your shipment information. You can always reach out to LiveReach Support via In-App chat if you face any difficulties in adding the cameras.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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