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How to access Audit Logs

How to access Audit Logs

This Guide will help you access the audit logs in LiveReach

Log in into your LiveReach Account
Click on the settings (gear icon) ⚙️ at the bottom left corner of the page, it should display Account Settings Page.
Navigate to Audit Logs tab

Access Account Settings

You should be able to see al of the actions performed by all users in LiveReach App.
Action includes : View, Create, Login, Delete, Edit performed on different kinds of resources such as Alarm, Case, Role , Server, user etc.
You can filter by actions, user and resources.

Example : How to check users who logged in on a particular date range

This will display all of the login attempts made by users.

Audit Logs Page

You can search the audit logs based on the filters.

Note: If you see an account prefixed with LRM Installer in audit logs, please do note that this is a system account run by LiveReach Support to run maintenance on servers and cameras.

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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