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How to enable/disable audio for Streams

How to enable/disable audio for Streams

This guide will help you enable / disable audio for Live Streams in LiveReach AI App. This can be done from anywhere using any device.

Log in into your LiveReach Account
Go to Configuration at the left hand panel in the page
Under Cameras Tab, you should be able to see list of cameras and their status in a table. Scroll to left and click on pencil icon

Navigate to Camera Settings tab.

Camera Settings
If you camera doesn't support audio, then you will not see anything under Audio Section.

Camera Settings

To enable/disable audio, use the Enabled switch to turn on/off and Click on Save.

If your camera is not ONVIF Compliant, you will not be able to access your camera's media profile settings here.

Updated on: 02/04/2024

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