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How to create Video Walls

How to Create Video Walls

Video Wall feature offers a comprehensive solution for efficient and intuitive multi-camera viewing. With customizable layouts, real-time monitoring, and seamless navigation, you can effortlessly monitor multiple camera feeds in one consolidated view. With LiveReach's interactive video walls, you can easily control the layout and behavior of your video feeds. This guide will help you set up video walls in your account.

There are 2 ways to create video walls in LiveReach Account.

Location based Video Walls
Camera Specific Video Walls

Location based Video Walls

Location Based video walls are designed to display cameras within a specific location, offering rotating tiles for enhanced visibility. Follow these steps to create a Location Based video wall:

Log in to your LiveReach account and navigate to the Walls tab.

Video Walls

Click on Create New Wall.

Create new wall

Choose the Select Location option.

Location Based Video Wall

Choose from a variety of wall layout templates ranging from 1 x 1 to 6 x 6 tiles (up to 36 streams). Select the location where you want to add cameras to your video wall.

Create a new Location based Wall

Assign a name to your video wall and click Save to save your wall configuration.

Location based Video Wall

Camera Specific Video Walls

With Camera Specific video walls, you have the flexibility to select cameras from different locations, allowing for greater customization. Here's how to create a Camera Specific video wall:

This process is similar to creating a location based video wall. Login into your LiveReach Account and Go to Walls Section
Choose Add Cameras Option

Create camera specific Wall

Choose a wall layout template - 1x1 to 6x6 (36 tiles)
Select the cameras you want to add to your video wall. You can select cameras either by clicking on each individual tile in the template, or by selecting all cameras to be added at once. You can add cameras from different locations to your video wall.

Adding cameras to your video wall

Once the cameras have been added, you can drag and drop tiles to adjust their position and move them around within the template. You can replace the camera attached to the tile with a different one using pencil button ✎ and remove a camera from tile using the cross mark button ⨯

Edit your tile position in template

After finalizing the position of the tiles, click on Save button on top to save your wall configuration.
your Camera specific wall is now created.

Rotating Tiles

Rotating tiles is one of the key features of video walls in LiveReach App. Every 30 seconds, the first tile on the wall will cycle out, and a new tile will be added at the last cell in the layout. This rotation ensures that you have continuous visibility of all cameras.

Rotating Tiles

Updated on: 30/04/2024

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